Votive Candles

Scented Soy Votive Candles

CandleSmith Hand-poured Votives

  • nicely-fragranced soy votives containing the best candle fragrancing with essential oils
  • burn up to 15 hours when placed in tight-fitting votive container
  • choose from over 3 dozen great scents below
  • We color to match the scent.  If there is a blend of scents, we’ll color to match both (as in the photo above)
  • minimum order: box of 6
  • box of 6 – $11.70
  • box of 18 – $30.00

  • Quantity
    Specify Scent

CandleSmith’s Fragrances

 Asian Amber  Key Lime Pie Pina Colada
 Basil Sage Mint Lavender Pine
Bayberry Lemongrass Plumeria
 Chocolate Lily of the Valley Rose
Cinnamon Stick Lime Rosemary Mint
Clove Madagascar Spice Spiced Apple
Coconut Magnolia Spiced Cranberry
Cotton Mango Spiced Pear
Espresso Nag Champa Spiced Pumpkin
 Eucalyptus Ocean Mist Vanilla Bean
Gardenia Orange Blossom Vetiver
 Honeysuckle Orange & Chili Pepper Whiskey & Tobacco
Jasmine Patchouli  Ylang Ylang

* * *

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