Glossary of Candle Terms

Glossary of Candle Terms

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  • the therapeutic value of fragrance that goes right to the central nervous system


  • a non-petroleum based vegetable wax used in early New England during the holiday season

Adapter Cups

  • votive containers that fit into standard taper holders allowing one to use votives – great for sconces, candelabra, etc.


  • glass, metal or plastic drip-catchers used at the base of tapers


  • a nine-branch candelabrum used during Jewish holy days

Removers for Wax

  • best methods for removing wax from carpet, cloth, containers, etc.


  • for proper extinguishing of candles

Unity Candles

  • used in Wedding ceremonies. Traditionally, two tapers unite to light one central pillar candle signifying the two becoming one

Votive Container

  • votive cups that allows votive candles to burn properly

Wick Trimmer

  • special scissors to trim and catch the wick
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